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Sylvie, 21 years

Dovoz do klubu ZDARMA
tel: 272 916 825
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Night club LOTOS perhaps surprise men who already visited one or more night clubs. Reality doesn´t definitely limp behind the quality of advetisement. Luxary appearance of club was changed (of course it´s better). So customers can be satisfied not only with beautifull girls but also with the top equipment. Environment of club is original and full of ideas.

Owners of club manage to arrange originally not interesting place in Prague 4, Kupeckého street 328. Credo of this club is a quality. Guests are absolut free. Anybody don´t forse them to anything. Anything isn´t in a hurry in the club. That´s why a lot of persons known from cultural, sports and political environment visit this night club. Their names stay tabu for society. There is absolut discreetion in night klub Lotos.

Over twenty beautifull girls expect you in night klub Lotos. Believe that girls in this club are real professional girls in their branch. Girls aren´t older then 24 years but every girl can speak one foreign language at least and of course they are excellent hostess. Majority of men goes to relax to this club - for example they can to water in the pool, can sit at a good supplied bar.

S/M belongs to looked service that´s why equipment in special room is really a good quality and it means fear for guests. But offer of erotic service isn´t limited. You can be with the girl in tropical sweet smell or you can spend a night with girl of your dreams. It depend on customer what he choose. If you have enough money come and you will not be disappointed.

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